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14 March 2009 @ 12:29 pm
Really REALLY crazy dream last night.  
First of all, I was job hunting and desperate, so I decided to fly to Seattle (Forest was going too for some reason), so I went there, made a big mess in a Dairy Queen, and decided to head back home. I didn't have my luggage though, so I got really depressed. I was shocked, however, to find out that I never left CA and was still locked in my room... this is where it gets weird.

The rest of the dream involved a mansion with beautiful grounds, run by two men, one tall and skinny and the other short and fat. The place was an idyllic nursery for children, even though many of the "children" were by now in their late 40s. Over the course of the dream, several of the inhabitants tried to escape or go homicidal and try to kill the two men, only to either become killed themselves, stupified, or trapped inside one of their books in the copious library.

I'm not sure who's POV I was taking, but I recall observing the two men eating, and it was rather disturbing. Otherwise, they were the classy-educated type, but when they were eating they became downright gluttonous.

The climax of the dream involved me confronting them about their eating habits, which caused them to become rather angry. I ran out into the yard, with them chasing me like dogs, and behind a tree. The tree had a seam in it that I crawled through. I don't remember where it took me, but the next thing I remember was the rest of the children following me to what I percieved to be the way out of the place. We all ended up at a train station, all (about 40 or so) excited about finally being free.

This happiness faded when we realized that besides us, everybody in the train station had the same exact face.

The last bit I remember was all of us back on the mansion grounds, dancing around a tree while singing the "That's What Bilbo Baggins Hates" song.